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 Aurora Requirements :D

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PostSubject: Aurora Requirements :D   Thu Mar 12, 2009 7:54 pm

To whoever wants to join the Aurora guild, there is a few requirements you must meet before we join you to our family ;]

- The character you want to join must be level 75+
It shows your devotion to the game and proves you won't give up easily.

- We are looking for friendly, active people who like to have fun~
That means you need to be online frequently, every day or almost. As a member of Aurora, we expect you to at least respect your guildies, which means you do NOT have the right to scam, hack, spam-kill in arena or start drama about one of them- you get the idea. Also, we want to be able to have a certain guild privacy: what is written in guild chat or in our forums, stays in guild chat or forums.
We're only pointing this out in order to avoid certain issues that have been happening in the past, which we have zero tolerance for.

- Anyone who is looking for a fresh start is welcomed~ It doesn't matter if you're currently in Redrum, Jade, Heroes, Tempest, Chainfire, or whatever guild I'm sure is awesome too- just tell us if you want to join, we don't intend to make any enemies on this server. Aurora is here for you guys to meet new people, people who will eventually become game partners, and friends. It's an opportunity to look at things from a different angle- you might actually like it!

- It would be very appreciated for whoever wants to join to post in the recruitment forum below, with your in-game name and what you are seeking in a guild like Aurora. Feel free to add more about you, it's always fun to know our members better! ^-^
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Aurora Requirements :D
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